Don't Blame Yourself

Addiction is a disease. You didn't cause it. You can't cure it. And you can't control it. It's not your fault. Be gentle with yourself.

Live Today

Yesterday is a cancelled check. Tomorrow is a promissory note. Today is cash in hand, spend it wisely. Do something nice for yourself today.

When God Closes a Door He Opens a Window

When you feel like the door is closing you in or locking you out -- divert your attention from the closed door and look around for the open window, there lies your hope. Change your focus from yesterday to tomorrow.

First Things First

Take care of yourself -- you're worth it. Prioritize your needs and don't over commit yourself. Have patience and learn. Plan and act on the things which are important to you. There is no express elevator to serenity - only the twelve steps of recovery, taken one step at a time.

Live & Let Live

Let go & live. Live your own life. Don't focus on the lives of others. You are the sole proprietor to what is happening in you. We can't control someone else's life or the events that go on within it. Mind your own business and take joy in your own triumphs and let others take joy in theirs.

One Day At a Time

Live in today. Don't overdo, keep it simple. When projecting on our past or future, remember we can only take care of what is happening now. Just for today focus on serenity and peace of mind. Today is all I have, let me do with it the best I can. God gave me this one day, I have a choice of how to spend it.

That Which Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stronger

When we go through turmoil and troubles and we feel like we can't take anymore or we will die, and then we live through it, we realize how much we have grown and how strong we have become.

We are survivors - we have survived. We gain the strength and courage to face the next situation we face, we will be stronger because of the learned experience.

Easy Does It

Slow down. Tune out. Don't do something -- sit there. Slow motion gets you there faster. Don't beat yourself up.

Slow down and collect your thoughts and feelings. You don't have to be in action all the time to achieve your goal. Be gentle with yourself and your life. The universe is unfolding as it should in its own time -- be patient.

Let Go & Let God

If God could come and talk to us directly, he'd tell us that he loves us all and he's taking care of every one of us. If you get out of the way he can do his job.

My part is trusting and having faith that His will is being done and even if I can't see it, it is for the greatest good for all concerned. I have to step back and focus on me and let my higher power work in my life.

Into Action

In the beginning, when we act irrationally, it's time to stop and collect ourselves. But, when the time comes to take some action, we will know it and we must not be afraid. Our higher power will guide us and we will not fail. Find the courage to take charge of your life. Act, don't react. Let the twelve steps of recovery guide you to serenity whether the addict in your life is using or not. Take the steps one by one and work them, get a sponsor and work the steps together, take commitments at meetings, work with newcomers, be of service.

Don't Let Anyone Walk Around in Your Head with their Dirty Shoes On

We tend to let others control our lives. We allow people to rob us of our dreams. Just when we think we've got it together, someone will make a statement or remark about how we should act or what we should be and we allow those remarks to make us question and doubt ourselves. We give these people power over us. No one else should control our lives. We are in control of our own lives and destiny with the help of our higher power. We cannot live our lives through other people's thoughts or action. We don't have to allow ourselves or our thoughts to be controlled by someone else's judgement.

God Only Prunes Those That Have Potential to Grow

The tree that grows the straightest and strongest, is the one which is pruned and trimmed. At the time of pruning, the tree looks bare and lonesome. But, it is the tree that will grow back stronger than before. Your greatest problems are God's way of making you stronger. He is pruning you because he knows that you will become a better, more fully developed human being and most important, he knows that you can survive the pruning. A good gardener knows how much to prune.

Look at your problems as opportunities to learn and become stronger. Life was not designed to be problem free. If we allow it, our higher power will help us and we will grow and be stronger for the experience. If we open our hearts to our higher power and ask for guidance to handle the difficulties or changes in our lives, we need to listen for the answer. Our higher power will speak to us and show us the way to a new beginning and growth. The way is before us, the adventures great and our dreams achieved through our spiritual relationship with them.


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