Co-Anon Self-test

Millions of people are affected by the cocaine addiction of someone else. The following questions are designed to help you decide whether or not CO-ANON is for you:

  1. Do you try to monitor someone else's cocaine use?
  2. Is your main concern how to get someone else to stop using cocaine?
  3. Do you have money problems because of someone else's cocaine use?
  4. Do you feel your problem is unlike anyone else's?
  5. Do you threaten to leave the addict if they don't stop using?
  6. Do you feel if the addict stopped using, the problem would go away?
  7. Do you search for hidden vials, razor blades, straws, paraphernalia?
  8. Do you feel like your life is in order and only the addict has a problem?
  9. Have you considered calling the addict's dealers, the authorities, an intervention unit?
  10. Do you feel that if the addict really loved you they would stop using cocaine because you asked them to?
  11. Do you tell lies to cover up the addict's using?
  12. Are you afraid to speak up on certain issues for fear the addict will use more, blame you, hurt you?
  13. Have you lost material possessions to support the addict's using?
  14. Do you resent coming to a CO-ANON meeting because the addict will not attend Cocaine Anonymous meetings?
  15. Do you feel confused about how to handle the situations relating to cocaine or the addict's behavior?
  16. Do you want to force the addict to attend Cocaine Anonymous meetings?
  17. Do you want to know how to deal with your son's/daughter's problem with cocaine?
  18. Do you hope that each time you see or hear of the addict's use will be the last time?
  19. Does the addict make seemingly honest promises that never materialize?
  20. Do you wait up at night or lose sleep waiting for the addict to come home?
If you answered "YES" to four or more questions, then CO-ANON is for you. Attend as many meetings as possible and use the CO-ANON lifeline to find out more -- you are in the right place.

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